Friday, May 27, 2016

Odd Even With Ariel

With the Odd Even initiative in full flow in the Capital to curb the pollution, I did have a thought, thanks to Ariel. Why should laundry be just a woman’s job? In fact, why should it be a gender specific task at all. We need fresh clothes, irrespective of whether we are male or female, and thus, keeping our clothes clean should be the topmost priority for both the gender.

I decided to go the Odd Even way for washing clothes. I told my wife, “Let’s take the responsibility to wash clothes on alternate days. While you do the laundry on Odd days, I will do it on Even days.”

My wife thought for a moment and agreed. It would be better this way. While one of us will perform the laundry task, the other partner can do the other household chores like cleaning and cooking. A good way to share the job, isn’t it?

We started the next day as planned. Since the date was 20th, it was my task to wash clothes. I took a spoonful of Ariel and placed it in the detergent holder of our washing machine. I then kept all the dirty clothes in it and started the machine. Within a few minutes, the clothes came out shining bright and looking as if they were almost new. Meanwhile, my wife had started with her cooking, and I went into the kitchen to help her once the clothes were hung on the roof to dry.

Role reversal took place the next day. While my wife did the laundry activity, I prepared a sumptuous dish for the two of us. It was weekend, and we relished on an afternoon lunch of Khichdi and chatni.

“Odd Even has made our household tasks organized,” my wife commented, smiling to herself.

I smiled back. I had often seen the female members of the family washing and cleaning clothes. I was glad that the stereotype was slowly being broken. I suggested the idea to several of my friends and they embraced it with open arms. After all, when we advocate gender equality, there is no point in typesetting a particular work to a specific gender.

We are still going on with the Odd Even initiative, our smiles broadening, and the clothes shining brighter with Ariel Matic. With just one wash being enough, the laundry work is no longer a burden. In fact it is now one of the reasons for our happiness, a perfect concoction to our married life.

#LaundryGoesOddEven surely should be the way to go, in every family, in all households.

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.


such a still water
even the dragonfly
splash it with the tail
(~Tan Taigi)

I listen to the sunset
finding peace in blue ripples

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cuckoo's Song

the shrine
in the sacred grove:
a cool wind blows
(~ Chora)

a monk sways to
the cuckoo's song
(~ Amrit)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ancient Walls

ancient walls
covered in parables
speak to those who see
(Janice Adcock)

I light a candle
and stories unfold
(my take)

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


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I held my head
clasped both wrists
gazing at the machine
rolled my fists
birds on the sill
were smiling sly
the fish of aquarium
offered me a chai
Escape and Enter
the keys I pressed
screen remained white
my irritation no less
hung hung hung
'this system is a dung'
rage filled my mind
and also poor lung
my cloth once white
now reeking in sweat
I took my decision
on the laptop's fate
it had made me cry
it had got me red
I threw it out the window
laptop, you are dead

to enjoy this victory
I rushed to the street
when a strange voice called
freezing me on my feet
the laptop was panting
breathing its last
it seemed to be crying
yet speaking out fast
"oh you foolish human
you take me for granted
one moment I am your pal
you regard me most wanted
I toil for you non-stop
your friend, companion and all
and yet you don't hesitate to curse
when thus sick I fall
is this the reward of my service
to die on this lane
you may not think of me as living
but am not devoid of pain
mend your ways, o human
you have already killed Mother Earth
machines are now the only ally
before it's too late, realize our worth"

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Monday, May 16, 2016

You Are The Beauty

you smile
and blush
you call
and I rush
through stars
and waves
and hills
and caves
I seek for you
and search for you
I yearn for you
a feeling so new

you are the beauty
the salvation of a beast
you are the beauty
the prayer of a priest
you are the beauty
the light in a mist
you are the beauty
a poet's fantasy twist

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

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Friday, May 13, 2016

I Sniff Your Presence

 (Image Source:

tap tap tap tap
knocking on the door
I sniff your presence
rolling on the floor
beneath the carpet
on the table top
waiting for you
by the wet mop

summers are dry
and sweaty, perspire
I love when you snuggle
and how you admire
you scold me when angry
and when I am wrong
you tell me stories
and sing me songs

the past now vague
parents I don't remember
you have been the one
my mother, father and sister
strolling in the park
when the sun yearns to set
I am glad of the day
the moment when we met

tap tap tap tap
but why do you knock?
you must have the keys
of the main door's lock
perhaps its someone else
and not you who has come
I shall rest for a while
and chase a few worms

click tick crux tick
the door just opened
hurray it's you
with a bag of yummy bacons
I wag my tail
and jump in joy
you smear me with kisses
and say, "I love you my boy"

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tie Me Up

(Image: Oleg Oprisco)

tie me up to this autumn
and I shall shed no tear
the soul in me walks afloat
I choose to abandon all fear

when leaves will cry
and the winds shall howl
when rain tries mercy
filling a thirsty bowl
the birds will hoot
and animals roar
I stick to this land
fallen, I soar

tie me up to this solitude
where men don't yearn to tread
the world promises to be better
smiles no longer dread

there will be some music
as the sun sets to the moon
I will dance with the flowers
and bees humming the tune
no worrying the destiny
nor fighting for a share
tie me up to this autumn
my kaleidoscopic layer

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