Monday, April 27, 2015

A Drive Down The Starry Skies

A long day at work, tired, weary - return home at midnight - have left over pizza - hit the bed – sleep.

Wake up next morning – complain about weekdays – rant about work – count the number of days for the next occasion to enjoy – get ready – race to office.

This could have been my life, had I waited for special occasions to celebrate. However, luckily, my viewpoints changed when I once saw a little boy selling tea in a roadside stall. He was poor, and yet there was a smile on his face, of satisfaction and contentment.

“Do you like working here?” I had asked him once.

“Yes Sir. I can buy chocolates with the money I get, and I share them with my friends in evening school.”

Why worry about the complexities of life when in reality it’s way too simple? Live, love and laugh, because every moment is a blessing from God. Today is a gift, and so will be tomorrow. Why not celebrate each moment instead of waiting for special occasions?

When I return back from work at midnight, I rush to the kitchen and satiate my hunger. No, I do not go to the bed soon after that, but I walk down to the garage, take out my car, and drive out into the nights. I turn on a few songs in the music player, and head straight to the empty streets. On some days I prefer ghazal, while on other days slow romantic tracks make me smile. But what makes me smile the most is she, my better half. We both love long drives, and interestingly, she too stays awake for me so that she can be my company on these drives.

We often stop at a local dhaba, to munch on some snacks, coffee and omelette. The stars above provide the perfect blanket to our dreams. There is a sparkle in our eyes, as we look at each other, talking about yesterday, today and tomorrow. Love probably is the most valuable gift that one can have in life, and the best reason to celebrate.

We return home after a couple of hours, and unwind for the next day. There wasn't a party with large number of guests and delicacies, but we still call it a celebration. In fact everyday has been a sort of a grand party for me, and us, and we intend to continue it this way.

After all celebration starts at home, isn't it?

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"Is that a plane?"




"A bird?"

"Not just any bird. That's a woodpecker."

As hordes of Woodpeckers thronged the city skyline, fear rained on the people. They rushed everywhere, seeking shelter. The Woodpecker was someone they always saw on trees, digging holes in the bark. However, of late, they had suddenly turned violent, attacking homes and people with their beaks. Holes were dug in walls of buildings and vehicles, in turn damaging them.

There were no more trees. The Woodpeckers needed somewhere to dig, to build their nest. Humans regretted now. Unfortunately, it was too late.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stay Fresh With Hydro-Jal Plus

It’s summer, the time of the year when we prefer quenching our thirst sipping soft drinks. We love the taste, and the cold refreshment seemingly associated with them. Now, there is a reason why I used the term ‘seemingly’. What appears to be a source of instant refreshment is actually the short cut to danger and health hazards guaranteed in the longer run. The high concentration of sugar and acidity in soft drinks do more harm than good. They steal water from the body that could lead to dehydration, thus reducing our immunity and making us weak right at the cellular level. Our health should be of primary importance. Shouldn’t we take extra care to preserve it by drinking the right type of water?

Water can either be acidic or alkaline. Years of research have proved that alkaline water is more beneficial in terms of calcium retention and bone strength. Acidic water results in consumption of toxic materials, which are hazardous. Infections and diseases occur, making one prone to sickness and ill health.

Households receive tap water that is used for daily activities. Should tap water be consumed? The answer is no due to the large amount of impurities that it may contain. To solve this problem, several brands have launched water purifiers that convert the tap water to purified water. However, as weird as it may sound, but purified water too isn’t good for consumption at all times. It does help when one is in the process of cleansing his body and drinks purified water for a few days, but using it as an option for a longer period of time is certainly not advisable. Purified water lowers the quantity of nutrients in body, and absorbs carbon dioxide when in contact with air. Thus, it tends to turn acidic.

Acidic water leads to dryness. To keep us hydrated we should opt for alkaline ionised water. Hydro-Jal Plus offers a perfect solution to produce water that’s best for us and our families. The Hydro-Jal Plus water ionizers use electrolysis to produce alkaline water that’s recipe for good health, nourishing and hydrating our systems. The high PH in this water neutralizes the acidic wastes present in our body, making us feel better and more energetic. Its negatively charged hydroxyl ions called ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) neutralize cancer causing positively charged free radicals. The hydroxyl ions act as antioxidants, detoxifying our bodies. They also lead to natural weight loss of fat.

If we list the benefits of alkaline water produced by Hydro-Jal Plus, we would observe the following points:

1)      Eliminates harmful toxins,
2)      Delays the aging process,
3)      Extra energy without extra calories,
4)      Improved concentration and focus,
5)      Increase in stamina,
6)      Leads to better sleep,
7)      No muscle pains,
8)      Helps in weight loss,
9)      Improves immunity,
10)   Boosts digestive system,
11)   Shields against common cold,
12)   Helps to fight constipation,
13)   Makes skin and hair more beautiful,
14)   Decreases lactic acid production,
15)   Reduces cramping of muscles,
16)   Leads to true hydration,
17)   Vital nutrients are absorbed more efficiently,
18)   Improved taste of water.

Phew. Aren’t these reasons enough to install Hydro-Jal Plus in our homes? But hey, these aren’t all. We can even use the Ionized Acid Water from Hydro-Jal Plus in a large number of ways. For instance, it could be a good alternative to hair conditioner, deodorant and aftershave. It can be used to remove dandruff, acne and wrinkles, thus improving the overall appearance. It can also help in cleaning our homes and household goods.

We live in a world infested in pollution. It's difficult to stay fit in such circumstances. However, we can definitely adopt the best possible means to make our drinking water healthier and better. Hydro-Jal Plus is, therefore, a necessity today in every household.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015


A lot had changed. The world. Her world.

"Love me. Forever," - those were his words, before breathing his last. He had searched for food, for days, while she looked after their kids in the nest. When he returned, he had food for all of them, but not enough to feed himself. When she realized that he was starving, it was too late.

It was time for revenge. The humans had cut off their home, the forests. Her race was on the brink of extinction.

"His life wouldn't go in vain. Humans have to pay," she, the Vulture vowed.

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Friday, April 24, 2015


"Are you real?" the little child asked surprised.

The Unicorn nodded. The unearthly beauty was something the child had never witnessed. His mouth stayed wide open in amazement.

The Unicorn understood the human language. After all, how could he forget the long association with this much dreaded species. Thousands of years ago the humans had cut off his ancestors' horns, depriving them of their magic and treating them like horses. It was then that the remaining unicorns decided to be invisible to mankind, except children who have pure hearts.

"Look Dad, my new friend."

"I can't see anyone son."

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Thursday, April 23, 2015


"And that's how I defeated the swift rabbit in the race," the Tortoise narrated his tale of victory to the youngsters gathered around him.

"Why not anymore? Ha ha. Stop resting on your past laurels," everyone laughed at him, and the crowd dispersed.

The Tortoise was hurt. His reputation was at stake. He knew he wouldn't win against the rabbit anymore, as the latter may not make the same mistake of falling asleep during the race. He had another idea, and went to the rabbit.

"What will you take to lose?" he asked the rabbit.

The match was fixed.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


He gazed at the motley of colourful woolen garments that shone amidst the crowd assembled in the City Center for their daily morning prayer. He loved watching this ritual, where all residents of the city conglomerated to thank the God every morning.

It was winter, the season which was meant to be his; but alas, not anymore.

As the people shook hands and went their respective ways, the poor Sheep shivered in cold. He was sheared last week, his wool now keeping the people warm. He walked to a corner, sat, and closed his eyes, counting his last breaths.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


"Don't be overconfident. It only leads to failure," his mother explained.

The young haughty Rat replied, "Chill Mom. Nothing will happen. I am an expert in stealing food. Have I ever been caught?"

The poor mother sighed and prayed God to help her son.

Rat went out to satisfy his hunger. At a distance he saw a large piece of cheese.

"Wow," he thought, and leapt at it.


For a split second his mind went blank, and then the truth dawned upon him. He was trapped. The cheese was a bait to bring him to the dark cage.

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Monday, April 20, 2015


She had locked herself in her room since the past six hours, her eyes red from all the crying. Poor Quail, she was depressed. Nobody paid her attention. She had no friends.. It was as if she didn't even exist.

There was a knock. A classmate stood outside. Was she being missed?

"Hi," Quail smiled.

"I am looking for Swan. Have you seen her?"

Quail nodded her head. She wasn't being missed.

"I have never seen you before. Are you new?"

"No," replied Quail.

"Ah okay. Bye."

Quail smiled. She had finally found a friend. They called her Loneliness.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015


He was a messenger of love, carrying letters from one place to another. Lovestruck prince and princesses who were separated by distance, scribbled their thoughts in perfumed pages, attaching them to the Pigeon. He was quicker than the public postal system. The Pigeon loved his job too. Every time he saw the smile on the recipients' faces, he felt satisfied.

"It's our anniversary. Will you return early tonight?" the Pigeon's wife requested.

"I don't know. I have to do my job too," he answered brusquely.

He went on distributing love everywhere. His wife kept on waiting for her share.

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