Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nashta With Guptaji

Who wouldn’t like to start his or her day with a healthy breakfast? As studies have shown, the first meal of the day, the breakfast, is indeed the most important one. Thus, a combination of nutrients and taste should be the ingredient to start a perfect morning.

If you are looking for that perfect nashta with lip – smacking taste and energy embedded in it, head straight over to Guptaji’s house. I came across their family, and was amazed to know that they have over a hundred different recipes for breakfast, all using Kelloggs cornflakes. Wow! Isn’t that incredible? This just sounds like the items in a menu card of a multi – star restaurant.

The best thing about Guptaji’s nashta is that there is something for everyone. There are different varieties of recipes catering to my needs and taste, and also takes the occasion in consideration. I can join with my family for Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes, brimming with a high health quotient, or go for the Homework Wala Nashta after a hard day’s work with cornflakes, cabbage and cucumber. Guptaji is an endearing personality, and has also prepared a nashta for entertainment. Cornflake Popcorn Clusters serves as a perfect nashta while watching movies with friends or family.

To start my mornings with heaps of positivity, I will choose Strawberry and Banana Cornflakes. The taste is delicious undoubtedly. However, it’s that bright colour combination of yellow (cornflakes), white (banana) and red (strawberry) that attracts me more.

And for all the chocolate lovers like me, Guptaji has something magical in store. The Walnut Cornflakes Choco Ball is a delight, and yet not sinful. It’s amazing when taste combines so seamlessly with healthy food, ‘cause then one does not need to control his or her cravings anymore. This nashta, I tell you, smells yummy and tastes heavenly. I could never have enough of it.

Anything crunchy and spicy makes my taste bud go weak. I have to resist myself to stop going for those roadside stalls regularly. However, Guptaji, the kind soul that he is, has found a perfect solution to my needs. The Chatpatti Cornflakes Chivda is that ideal snack that I would love to munch upon, anytime, everytime.

That’s not all. Guptaji surprises me with yet another item that he has on offer for nashta. He has named it Cornflake Coconut Ladoos. The yummy laddoos are a treat to watch and taste. The best thing is that I can have lots of laddoos without worrying about calories. If that’s not enticing, then what is?

Sitaphal Cornflakes is another item on the breakfast table that ensures a healthy start to the day. Cornflakes and custard apple can be an electrifying pair, and Guptaji proves that wonderfully.

Thus, I can find no reason why I shouldn’t go to Guptaji’s house for breakfast. He is warm and cordial, and with such a large variety of breakfast items to choose from, why should I even think twice?

Guptaji, here I come.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Being Happy On International Day Of Happiness

Being happy is easy. One doesn’t have to spend anything to earn a few smiles, or a few moments of laughter. Don’t they say that the best things in life are free? What can be better than the feeling of being happy and joyous?

How can we be happy then? There are no predefined rules, no definite formula that can take us through the magic doors of happiness, and perhaps that’s what makes it all the more special. In short, one doesn’t need to do much to be happy. We have the power to be happy always, and can unleash it anywhere, anytime.

Happiness comes from simple things. I am happy when I compose a new tune on my guitar. I feel joyous when I write down a satisfying piece of article. I get delighted when I travel new places, exploring and learning about different cultures. Happiness thus comes in numerous forms.

Meeting family and relatives, and spending time with them provide me with a feeling of serenity and an ambiance of comfort that in turn leads to happiness. Success on the professional front makes me feel good about myself. Thus, we can ensure to be happy in our personal and professional lives if we learn to create a proper balance between the two.

Happiness is festivals, and India being a land of numerous cultures, there is no lack of festivities in this country. People belonging to different communities have their own moments of celebrations, and when all of them join hands together to celebrate each other’s festivals, it sums to happiness all around. I love celebrating all types of festivals with my friends and family. The revelry that comes hand in hand with festivals is what makes me happy.

I am a foodie, which means I crave for sumptuous and delicious dishes. I am a big fan of Indian and Chinese cuisines, and savouring them is what gives me ultimate delight. I love dining in restaurants, sometimes trying out new items from the Menu card that those places have on offer. I also sometimes try my hand in cooking, experimenting with new recipes that I come across on different sites on net.

And then, there is love. Fall in love, and rise in happiness, exactly what happened with me. Talking with her, my fiancée, after a hard day’s work, relieves all my tiredness and stress, and makes me feel happy. Extremely happy. Perhaps that’s what real happiness is each, feeling and caring for one other, sharing our problems and moments of success, supporting through times thick and thin, and experiencing even the smallest moments of lives by magnifying them to infinite proportions.

Let’s celebrate this International Day of Happiness with our dear ones, doing things which we love to do, and having good food complimented by Coca Cola, thus turning it into the most memorable day of our lives. Happiness comes easy, we just need to welcome it in our lives, whole heartedly.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015


(Image Source: http://www.openpen.co.uk)

rejection, again
waste paper basket tells his tale
of dreams, unpublished

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Caressing The Breeze Of March

(Image Source: http://dreamatico.com)

the chirping birds wake up the dawn
drenched in hues, bright and orange
the petals smile, shy
caressing the breeze of March
whispering tales
humming love songs
spring descends on rainbow arch

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Monday, March 16, 2015


sometimes no reason
leads to treason
speeding up the lane
I feel am in prison

a rivalry so old
across summers and in cold
I succumb, turn meek
my enemy grow bold

I run, I hide
long tiring strides
seeking a shelter
not being taken for a ride

alas, in vain
I can't escape the rain
drenched in defeat
my tears speak of pain

why crow why
over my head you fly
dirtying my suit
you make me cry

am I your only prey
can't you fly a different way
this gooey white crushes my spirit
please leave me alone, okay

the crow, laughs and guffaws
today's war comes to a close
tomorrow will be a new day
to run away from sticky smelly dose

we now walk our separate paths
the crow flies, I make a start
to return home, and clean myself
wash my clothes, and yet another bath

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Thieves Within Us

let's be blind
and not care
let's be deaf
to what's unfair

we could stay mute
or sing lewd
giddy on a ride
we breathe crude

we fear the sun
turning our eyes away
embracing the dark
needless to say 

we've no heart
we've lost our soul
the thieves within us
our light, they stole

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Being Together

I woke up with a sombre mood one Saturday morning. Not Monday, but Saturday, and that’s pretty unnatural you would say. I agree to some extent. However, often circumstances invite negativity along with them, spoiling our mood irrespective of what day it is.

How does weekend matter when you know you didn’t perform well in your last examination? Add to it living all alone in a new place, away from your family. Telephonic conversations can’t be used as a substitute all the time when you need a motivating pat on your back or a caring hand on your shoulder. Moreover, on a bad day like this, they make you feel lonelier once the conversation is over.

I still remember that day. It was raining incessantly, the roads were waterlogged and I was slated to be confined to my rented room for the whole day, which made matters worse. I had planned to go out, meet a few friends and relax, but I guessed that wasn’t on the cards. I was walking towards the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, when I heard a faint knock on the door. Perhaps it was the sound of rain, but no, it seemed more like nails scratching on a hard surface. I opened the door but could see no one. I was about to close it when luckily my eyes turned towards the floor. I use the word ‘luckily’ ‘cause what I witnessed played a vital role in making my day pleasant and memorable.

A kitten, tiny, white, and fluffy like cotton, was staring at me with its little green eyes.

I picked up the kitten and brought it inside. Perhaps she needed shelter from the rain outside, and had somehow come across my doorstep. At least, I had some company now to spend my time.

I took out the milk carton from the refrigerator and poured some on a bowl for my little guest. I placed it before it. The kitten retraced a few steps, may be out of fear. I caressed the top of its head to assure that there was nothing to worry. I was only a friend. Animals understand the language of love. The kitten stepped forward, and started licking the milk. I felt a sudden feeling of warmth and goodness within me. I sat besides my new buddy, watching it drink.

At times, the kitten would raise its head, look at me, and then again go back to its food. After it had fully satisfied itself, it walked towards me, and jumped on my lap. I never had a pet, and this was only my first close acquaintance with an animal (if you ignore the incidents of dogs barking at me and chasing me on roads). The kitten then inched towards my hands, and started licking them. I had never experienced a love of this kind before. I tickled its tummy, it ran and then returned to me.

We spent the entire evening playing. The rain finally stopped, and I heard the mew of a cat outside. The kitten jumped as soon as it heard the sound, and ran towards the door. I opened the door, and saw a white cat sitting. The kitten seemed leaped in delight, and sped towards the cat. I guessed it was probably the mother, and what better scene can there be than a mother – child union?

The two walked away, playing and jumping and running. I kept looking at them, until they were no longer in sight. I was feeling happy, and at peace. All worries of morning seemed to have evaporated. I was bathed with a dawn of optimism and positivity. After all, I spent the entire day with a new friend. Being #together is powerful, and it’s the best thing one can have. Trust me.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


in desolate ruins
amidst tales of kings and queens
sparrow seeks refuge

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