Monday, December 15, 2014


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amidst sand pebbles
he stumbled on a ruby
alas, a mirage

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Winners - Review

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Title: Winners
Author: Danielle Steel
Publisher: Transworld
Publication Year: 2014
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Women
No. of Pages: 512
Price: Rs 399
My Rating: 4/5

Friday, December 05, 2014

Love Is Winter

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They say love is divine. I say love is winter.

You were the snow flake that knocked at my window on that freezing morn. Through the haziness of the frost, and the dilemma of the mist, I welcomed you inside, opening the doors and unlocking the caskets that had accumulated dust over the years. I served you stories, and you promised completion, a happy ending for each one of them.

Outside, the mercury dipped. Inside, it felt so warm.

In this uncertain cold, I experienced bliss and pain and joy and fear, not realizing that summer had quietly crept in.

The snow flake vanished, just like that, leaving behind a smiling trail of the days gone by. Yet, I knew, that it was only a matter of time when it would reappear, knocking at my window on another freezing morn.

They say love is divine. I say love is winter.

Thursday, December 04, 2014


you and me are the bubbles
that bask in moments anew
destined by fate, bonded in rhyme
we collide in feelings so true

I promise you promises
in syllables we always knew
you and me are the bubbles
blessed in love's glittering hue

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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A Hunger - Free Classroom

We were lucky we could go to school and complete our formal education. We made good use of our education, and the knowledge acquired, and have woven dreams for a better future. I wouldn't be wrong to say that we belong to the privileged section of the society who have the luxury to take their education for granted, adopting it into our daily routine and going with the flow.

However, often we forget that there is another segment of the society that dwells in deprivation. Go to a roadside eatery or dhaba, and there is a high chance of your meal being served by small children barely in their teens. In fact, you can even find kids aged ten or younger, doing the dishes, cleaning the tables and carrying the food around.

You can't blame the children. They are poor, and education isn't their primary necessity. Food is. One simply cannot study with hunger creeping across the souls like a deadly virus.

Though several initiatives have been launched by the Government regarding free schools for underprivileged along with meals, lack of dedicated resources plays spoilsport. However, we can not rest the entire blame on the Government. We, as noble citizens, should take up the responsibility of spreading education among poor children. Sure, we all are busy in our day to day activities. We do have work, family and other priorities, but a couple of hours a week isn't too much to ask for.

For example, we, along with our neighbors, can start up a basic schooling system for these kids. We can divide our time, and via a rotational policy of teaching, can impart education in an easy and effective manner. The results will be encouraging if the children are provided food along with their studies, and in this way, we can motivate the rest of the population to take up this cause and work towards it.

Every problem has a solution, and it's upon us to find it. Classroom hunger is a big nuisance, but it can be eliminated if we all unite and work hard towards it. Children are, after all, the future of tomorrow. If we can share the gift of education among each and every children, it will only guarantee a promising tomorrow.

And not only the kids, but we too would have earned a great satisfaction. We can wake up every morning, and smile in the mirror with a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing fully well that we are playing our part in making India a hunger free, education rich nation, a perfect recipe for development.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Love Stu(m)bble

This incident dates back to a few years, when I, with a few of my friends, decided to shoot a short movie. No, do not have any grand idea. Neither was I stepping into Bollywood nor was I planning to showcase my work in the Short Films Category in the Oscars. We were just a bunch of youngsters with similar interests in films, and thus on a sudden whim wanted to try making something of our own.

Now, I was the chief planner. You can say I was in - charge of the direction, story and script. Hence, I penned down the meatiest role for me, that of a hero who could fight the baddies aka Salman Khan as well as romance his leading lady aka Shahrukh Khan. Yeah, the image of people whistling whenever I hogged the screen space was dancing in my mind.

However, we still had to find a producer, and with God's grace, we were successful. Mr. Rampal, the jewellery merchant and my neighbour, promised to don that hat.

As the D-Day approached, my excitement knew no bound. To tell you the truth, Rhea, the girl who would be playing the character of the heroine, was my childhood crush, and I had planned to propose her once the shooting was over. So you see, I had made a full proof scheme of winning her heart, to be her hero both on and off the screen.

I went to the shoot on the designated day, and found my other friends and co-actors engrossed in the script. I quickly changed into my costume. The first scene was an action sequence where I had to beat up three goons.

"Hey, you wore the wrong costume," Mr. Rampal said when I emerged out of the makeshift dressing room.

"What! The hero is supposed to wear this," I retorted.

"Yes, that's what I am saying," he replied impatiently.

"But ... but I am the hero, right?" I was surprised by his behavior.

He stared at me for a minute, and I knew the silence spelled doom. "Well, there has been a slight change this morning," he confessed.

"What change?" I was aghast. A change on the first day of the shoot, and I thought as the director I should be calling the shots.

"Manoj will be the hero for this movie. His clean shaved look is perfect, and thus I felt the role should go to him."

"And what about me?" I was enraged. I had sported the stubble intentionally to get a rough and tough edge, but now that proved disadvantageous to me.

"Well," Mr. Rampal scratched his head, and said, "Why don't you wear the costumes of one of the goons that the hero is supposed to beat up in the first scene?"

Needless to say, it was one of the worst days of my life. However, it didn't stop there, as fate decided to play a wicked game on me.

Rhea and Manoj are a happily married couple today, while I still await the entry of a heroine in my life.

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